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nedjelja, 28. listopada 2012.

Clean Z4root!

Where can I get the z4root.1.3.0.apk that is clean ??

Dowload link is in top of the page!

Lately many people are complaining that my file is virus that it's not clean.

Z4root virus
Z4root.apl blocked

  Your antivirus will always say it is infected because of its nature (it is in fact a virus of sorts but like cowpox it is a virus that has been twisted to benefit us as cowpox is the smallpox vaccine) and some aggressive means it uses. If you are worried about your source use my guide I swear on my life it is 100% clean. Btw you can download it directly to your phone from this site. You don't need the PC if you are still afraid to get it.

subota, 27. listopada 2012.

Z4root still the BEST android rooting application.


Z4root still the BEST android rooting application. 

    Android is a unique beast among mobile OSes. Unlike iOS or WebOS, which are made exclusively by one company and only have a few software releases, Android has hundreds of devices and many different software versions. As such, it is extremely difficult to make one rooting program work on all devices. However some programs, like z4root  have managed to get fairly close to the end goal of a universal rooting program, even allow rooting from the comfort of your hand (no computer required).

Z4root is still according to the android user THE BEST ROOTING APPLICATION available.

Wisely tip!
You may have to reboot your phone for it to install, So I would reboot the phone before going to the website and just get that out of the way.