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četvrtak, 22. prosinca 2011.

Download Z4root application (.apk)

z4root home page
Android phones are being rooted by many users daily, mostly on Samsung Galaxy S and other devices. On the XDA forums Z4root has been downloaded by many, and many smartphones have been successfully rooted. For example, Wildfire, XperiaX10 and tablets(Motorola Xoom). 

  1. Z4root is an rooting application, one click root as many forum users say. First you need to download the application from this website.
  2. You need to have file manager, like Astro file manager
  3. From file manager you need to launch the application (z4root)
  4. Press Root and wait till the process ends and reboot your device.

Here is the tutorial to watch. This is great example, if you fail try again, it works!

2 komentara:

  1. Great!!!
    It really works, great example, fast download, and fast root! :)

  2. First i tried and i failed..
    Later I realized that I didn't root my phone -.-
    Later it worked of course on my GalaxyS tnQ ;)